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50 Ultras in 50 States for OCD


I am currently attempting to race 50 ultra 50 states...before the age of 50...for 50 individuals seeking to afford evidence-based treatment for OCD. Check out the information below to learn more about OCD, where I'm racing next, and how to support this life-saving effort!

1. North Carolina (NOCD) - Complete ($1000 with $1000 match)

2. South Carolina (NOCD) - Complete ($1000 with $1000 match)

3. Maryland (NOCD) - Complete ($1000 with $1000 match)

4. Florida - Complete ($1000)

5. Texas (OCD Texas - IOCDF Affiliate) - In Progress

Upcoming State: Texas

Barrier Island 50K

The 5th state I'm tackling is Texas, with the Barrier Island 50K on November 11, 2023. My goal is to raise at least $1000 with this fundraiser to assist individuals in Texas seeking evidence-based treatment for OCD. I'm so excited that everything raised will go to the amazing IOCDF affiliate: OCD Texas!

Thank you for the support!

#50ultrasin50states4ocd #runningtowardsmyvalues

Why I Advocate!

Here is a little more about my story and why I advocate for OCD with the IOCDF. I was lucky enough to have the financial support needed to receive evidence-based treatment, but that is sadly not the case for everyone. I'm not sure where I would be today without treatments like ERP and ACT...and I want to make sure every single person has access to these life-saving treatments.


FAQ Section

What is OCD?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is characterized by obsessions, which are repeated, unwanted intrusive thoughts...and compulsions, which are behaviors aimed at reducing the discomfort associated with these thoughts. Common obsessions can relate to contamination, health, harm, hyper-responsibility, religious scrupulosity, moral scrupulosity, relationships, sexuality, and beyond. There are thousands of compulsions (both physical and mental) to alleviate the stress associated with whatever the current obsession is, such as checking, avoidance, mental review, counting, and reassurance-seeking.

How is OCD Treated?

The gold-standard treatment for OCD is Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), which is an evidence-based treatment under the umbrella of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The exposure in ERP refers to exposing yourself to the thoughts, images, objects, and situations that make you anxious and/or start your obsessions. While the Response Prevention part of ERP refers to making a choice not to do a compulsive behavior once the anxiety or obsessions have been “triggered.” Many therapists also combine ERP with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness. In addition, there are specific medications prescribed by a specialist that can enhance and supplement treatment. Check out to search for a specialist in your area.

What is an ultra marathon?

An ultra-marathon is...any running race longer than a marathon! After journeying through collegiate running, ITU triathlon, and Ironman...this is a new exciting journey for a great cause. For this effort, I'll be competing in trail races ranging from 50K-100 miles in each state before the age of 50! :)

Why is Katie So passionate about this effort?

I've been navigating OCD in my own life since childhood, though I kept it a secret through most of my ministry. After a challenging relapse in 2019, I decided to become much more public about what it means to serve in ministry and have OCD...especially when it isn't the cute quirky illness individuals often think of in movies. While this debilitating disorder stole large chunks of my life, I was lucky to find the life-saving treatment of ERP. It takes many individuals more than 15 years to receive the appropriate treatment...and once they do, many cannot afford it. This is where you come in!

For every single race in every single are supporting an individual in that state struggling to afford treatment for OCD. By the end of this effort, 50 individuals (one in each state) will have a chance at reclaiming their beautiful life from OCD!

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