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Stick with the Ick
Inclusive Faith & OCD Virtual Community

Stick with the Ick is an inclusive virtual community welcoming individuals, clinicians, and clergy navigating the intersection of faith and OCD. With a variety of resources spanning diverse religious/spiritual traditions—including webinars, consultations, courses, support groups, and motivational forums—everyone is welcome. Rev. Katie O’Dunne founded this new community (and mobile app!) to empower individuals to take a leap of faith in their treatment, offer clergy the knowledge to provide spiritual support without reassurance, and equip clinicians with interfaith literacy to foster culturally responsive treatment. Stick with the Ick views evidence-based treatments for OCD as amazing spiritual practices that reconnect individuals navigating scrupulosity with the Divine in authentic ways - paving the way to reclaiming the big, beautiful, awesome lives each person was created to live.

If you prefer to use the desktop version, feel free to join us on the web.

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